Top 2 advantages to a home addition

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Homeowners will find themselves considering a home addition from time to time. As the years go by your preference can change, your family can grow, and your desire for change can increase. This is when a home addition would be a great idea. There are several benefits to an extension or buildout. We put together

3 things to consider before remodeling

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Remodeling your home can always feel like a very tall hurdle to jump, but with the right contracting company, it can be one of the easiest tasks you could accomplish. Foley Contracting specializes in remodelings such as kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. We know what it takes to complete a remodeling project fast and efficient.

3 benefits of closet organizers

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When most couples begin to talk about renovations, it can feel like a stressful decision. Thankfully, improvements to your home do not always have to be a drastic change. Something as simple as a closet organizer can change up your home space. Foley Contracting specializes in closet organizers. We know how to help renovate your

Foley Contracting what we offer

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Foley Contracting is proud to offer a wide array of services to our clients, from residential construction and commercial construction to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. We know how important your home and business are to you and those you love. This is why we are dedicated to ensuring you are fully satisfied with all

Building permits in Suffolk County

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Foley Contracting is proud to offer our services to clients in the Suffolk County area. We specialize in residential construction and commercial construction. This is why we want our clients to know everything they need to know to get their building permits appropriately issued. Foley Contracting always make sure our clients know everything they need

4 advantages to hiring a contracting company

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Foley Contracting is a contracting company located in New York. There are so many benefits when it comes to hiring a contracting company like Foley Contracting. We want our clients to know the benefits of hiring us, so we put together 4 advantages to hiring a contracting company. 1 - Very committed When you hire

3 different ways to spice up your home

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Homeowners can easily become complacent with their dwellings after a long period. For them, changing up the look and feel of their home is a very welcomed event. Foley Contracting specializes in residential construction. We know how important our client’s homes are to them and their loved ones. That’s why we put so much care