When it comes to building your dream home, you want to know that your project is in good hands. Foley Contracting is a contracting company based in New York. We service the NY area, Suffolk County area, and Nassau County area. We know what it takes to offer excellent services to our clients. We specialize in residential construction, so when it comes to new home construction, we are well versed in the task.

We can help you envision the home of your dreams and then sit down to plan everything out together. We work to give you personal quotes, so you know everything there is to know about where you stand with your new home construction. We know the benefits of new home construction, so we put together a few benefits of new home construction.


When it comes to new home construction, you can construct the home of your dreams. You are in the driver seat, and everything you want in a new home our contracting company will work to accomplish. This is arguably one of the best benefits of new home construction because most homeowners want their home to have everything they desire.

Often cheaper

Surprisingly, new home construction can sometimes be less expensive than buying an already constructed property. Most homeowners who purchase residential areas complain about the cost of their home and property and how they lack some of the features they require. New home construction gives you the ability to ensure you have the perfect home and sometimes at a cheaper rate.

These are a few advantages to new home construction. Foley Contracting is dedicated to ensuring our clients are completely satisfied with all construction projects. We also offer decks, patios, porticos, home interiors, custom millwork, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, extensions, buildouts, closet organizers, finishing, windows and sidings, new home constructions, dormers, finished basements, and all of our renovation projects.

You can visit our website online at www.foleycontractinginc.com to view examples of all our renovations and construction projects.