Renovating your home doesn’t have to be a huge task. There are simple ways you spice up your home without doing a total renovation of your home. Foley Contracting prides itself on offering a wide variety of home renovations that will help you enjoy your home a little more without any of the hassle associated with big renovation projects.

Here are 3 simple home renovations for you to try in the new year.

1 – Add a deck, patio, or portico

The simple addition of a deck or patio space can change the look of your home. Foley Contracting specializes in decks, patios, and porticos. We can help you add a deck, patio, or portico to your home and completely change the aesthetic of the exterior. This is a simple way to renovate your home and increase your home value in the process.

2 – Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a fantastic way to change up the look of your home space. Everyone loves a good kitchen, so why not renovate yours and get the kitchen you have always wanted. Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful. Foley Contracting helps to take the stress out of kitchen remodeling so you can get back to cooking as soon as possible.

3 – Closet organizers

Beautiful closet space is one of the most highly coveted features of a dream home. The addition of a closet organizer can help you be the envy of all your friends. We will come in and help you maximize your closet space and put in a closet organizer that will help you have room for all of your belongings.

These are just a few of the simple home renovations we have to offer. We also offer home interiors, custom millwork, bathroom remodeling, extensions, buildouts, finishing, windows and sidings, new home constructions, dormers, finished basements, and so much more.

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