In his many years of doing residential construction in Northport and the surrounding communities, Suffolk County contractor Tim Foley has seen many trends come and go. Some trends in kitchen and bathroom remodeling become classics, others may wind up looking dated in a few short years. Tim believes that the only truly important design style is yours!

Trends can provide great inspiration when you’re figuring out what you want you want in your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, though. (And who doesn’t like looking at pictures of beautiful bathrooms and kitchens, right?)

Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends for 2019

“While chrome used to reign supreme as the go-to metal for bathroom fixtures, according to the 2018 Houzz Bathroom Trends Report, shiny chrome has fallen to second place. And the vanity style that homeowners used to consider outdated is now being refreshed as one of the trendiest vanity options around,” the folks at Real Simple report in Bathroom Design Trends Making a Surprising Comeback in 2019.

Katie Holdefehr put together the write up on design trends. She seems genuinely surprised that wooden vanities are once again popular. “In recent years, bathroom design trends turned away from wooden vanities, in favor of bright white ones—or for the boldest homeowners, eye-catching colors were popular. But according to Houzz, unpainted wooden vanities are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and will continue to trend in 2019.”

When Houzz specified that the return of wood would emphasize, “reclaimed wood or light wood with clear stains that celebrate grain pattern details and knots,” the return to wooden vanities seemed to sit more comfortably with Katie, who said, “Wooden vanities with visible grain and knots not only add texture and visual interest to the space, but they can also help warm up an all-white bathroom.”

The Real Simple story also mentions bathtubs. “According to the 2018 trends report, 80 percent of remodeling homeowners were planning to upgrade their bathtub,” Katie reports. “A soaking tub was the most popular option, winning 69 percent of the vote (a 7 percent increase from the 2017 findings).

“As luxurious baths and self-care routines become even more popular in 2019, the bathtub will follow the trend.” (Now that’s a trend to get excited about!)

If taking care of yourself this year involves some kind of residential construction in Northport or the surrounding communities, we hope you will consider Foley Contracting, a licensed Suffolk County contractor who has been handling projects ranging from kitchen remodeling in East Northport to decks and patios in Northport and beyond.