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Enjoy BBQ on your new deck or patio in Northport!

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Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill and enjoy fresh air, friends, family and, of course, fabulous food! And – with a little help from Foley Contracting – the best place for your grill could be your new deck or patio at your Northport home. Foley Contracting has the expertise to handle

Thank You for Giving Our East Northport Construction Company 5-Stars!

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We are grateful to each and every one of our clients – whether you called on us for a complete kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, some finishing work in Suffolk County or a commercial construction job in Northport.  But we would like to extend a special thank you to all of the customers who took

What is finishing work?

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People understand what we mean when we say we do new construction as well as extensions and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The decks and patios in Northport that we do are also pretty straightforward.  They difference between the work we do on residential projects and commercial construction in Northport is clear. But, when they see

Recent Reports on the Suffolk County Housing Market

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There are many considerations that might go into a homeowner’s decision to take on a home renovation project. If you want to fix up the guest room, the biggest factor might simply be how much time you have before your aunt comes to visit. But, if you’re looking for a Suffolk County contractor who can

Top 2 advantages to a home addition

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Homeowners will find themselves considering a home addition from time to time. As the years go by your preference can change, your family can grow, and your desire for change can increase. This is when a home addition would be a great idea. There are several benefits to an extension or buildout. We put together

Simple ways to change the exterior appearance of your home

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When you think of changing the look of your home, it doesn’t have to be the interior. Simple changes to the exterior of your home can change up the entire look and feel of your home. Foley Contracting specializes in exterior renovations such as decks, patios, porticos, windows, siding, and so much more. We put

New home construction with Foley Contracting

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When it comes to building your dream home, you want to know that your project is in good hands. Foley Contracting is a contracting company based in New York. We service the NY area, Suffolk County area, and Nassau County area. We know what it takes to offer excellent services to our clients. We specialize

3 things to consider before remodeling

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Remodeling your home can always feel like a very tall hurdle to jump, but with the right contracting company, it can be one of the easiest tasks you could accomplish. Foley Contracting specializes in remodelings such as kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. We know what it takes to complete a remodeling project fast and efficient.

3 simple home renovations

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Renovating your home doesn’t have to be a huge task. There are simple ways you spice up your home without doing a total renovation of your home. Foley Contracting prides itself on offering a wide variety of home renovations that will help you enjoy your home a little more without any of the hassle associated

3 benefits of closet organizers

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When most couples begin to talk about renovations, it can feel like a stressful decision. Thankfully, improvements to your home do not always have to be a drastic change. Something as simple as a closet organizer can change up your home space. Foley Contracting specializes in closet organizers. We know how to help renovate your