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Tim Foley has coordinated and overseen the renovation/ restoration of our Northport home. The project was complex and required many different expert crews over several month. Tim’s enthusiasm, years of experience as a builder and general contractor, and unwavering resolution to provide the most excellent outcome within our budget, was exceptional. As with any large scale project, it is expected that not everything will be perfect. Tim’s ability to listen and hear our concerns, along with his flexibility to make changes as required by the circumstances, have proven invaluable. Most of all, Tim’s pride in craftsmanship and his selection of sub contractors resulted in a beautiful space, which we know will last years, and will be enjoyed by our family and those who come after us. We are most satisfied with Foley Contracting and highly recommend it!

Dorit Netzer

This testimonial is offered willingly to those inquiring about Foley Construction Inc. Tim Foley has been overseeing multiple reconstruction projects of my residence for the past 2 years. Tim and his team are a perfect match for me because I typically take the proverbial “Road Less Traveled” when it comes to my home renovations. While many of my ideas and concepts are far from mainstream or orthodox, Tim’s expertise and experience realize my vision and makes it a reality. Also, one of Tim’s greatest assets, is his tenacious attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance. Every job is always completed above and beyond any, and all of my expectations. He always treats my home as if it were his home. I recommend Tim without reservation and offer my home as a model of Tim’s capabilities. Please call if you would like more information and wish to view the product of a well-orchestrated project by Foley Contracting.


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